Dranjer JN6




The Dranjer JN6 is designed for use in new construction or to retrofit an existing large floor drain. The retaining ring (included) can be set into freshly poured concrete to provide a nicely finished floor drain that lets fluid in, but prevents gases, odours, and bugs from coming up into your home.

Recent construction practices generally help reduce radon entry from floor drains through use of competent ABS pipe with no air connectivity to the sub-slab material. Regular water flow through the floor drain (e.g., via furnace condenser) helps keep the trap full which further reduces radon entry potential. However, we’ve seen newer homes where the ABS was not properly sealed against the slab and we wonder how drain performance could silently decline as debris entering the open top fills the below-grade trap over time. We encourage our customers to think about these possibilities and consider the JN6 as a potential solution.

The JN6 is suitable for installation alongside a sub-slab depressurization system that draws up to 0.8 inches of water column (measured at the floor drain).


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