Radon Measurement

Radon is invisible and odourless, but special sensors are used to detect its presence. Typically we measure radon in the lowest occupied area of the home for a duration of several months. But occasionally a shorter term test can be helpful in screening for radon issues. 

Short-Term Screening

In some cases, a short-term screening test can help quickly indicate the presence of radon. Short duration tests are also gaining popularity for real estate   transactions and can be written into offers to purchase. Our promotional pricing starts at $20 (+tax) for this service.

Long-Term Test

Long-term tests are preferred to account for naturally fluctuating radon levels and capture a truly representative average. For $50 (+tax), we will visit your house and set up one of our sensors. We will also include a device to allow real-time radon monitoring which you can use to track hour-to-hour changes in radon levels. For an additional $30, we will provide a more in depth analysis of your levels documented in a brief report.

Our Sensors

We collaborate with Norway-based tech company, Airthings. Established in 2008, Airthings offers home and professional quality devices to monitor air quality including radon. We’re also happy to offer Airthings products for sale – be sure to check out our Products Page.